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WV&H (Workplace Violence & Harassment)

WV&H (Workplace Violence & Harassment)


Every workplace in Ontario is required to have a Workplace Violence and Harassment program which includes training and a written policy. There is an exception for workplaces where there are 5 or fewer ‘regular employees’. In this case the policy may be verbal if communicated correctly but training is still required.


While there is no regulation on how the training is provided HSE Elements Workplace Violence and Harassment Training meets the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. HSE Elements are also able to provide you with certification proving your employees have been trained in order for you to meet your obligations under the Act.

  • How to take the training:

    Upon purchase, a download option will appear, please click download to open your course link. You will also receive an email with a PDF file attachment. The link to the training will be automatically generated for you and placed inside of the attached PDF file. 

    If for any reason the link does not work when clicked, please copy and paste the link onto your url browser bar.

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